The Loch Torridon Murder

I have managed a total of 24,210 words so far. I am really pleased I have got so far.  I shall try and keep going to the end of November and see if I can achieve the full 50,000 but at the moment I do not think the story will get there! Who knows a few weeks to go yet.

I am looking for a good end to this murder as it is a complicated Government Murder! One I have been wanting to write for some time.

Thinking of stories for the future, have you noticed that when members of the Government start talking about this Country, they never seem to have any idea where Yorkshire or Tyneside or Lancashire are.  They obviously have been told it is up North, but have no idea what is going on in these regions,nor even where abouts “up north” they actually are!

I saw an article in the paper over the weekend, and which ever MP had written the report should go back to school to learn how to read a Map! He had not got a clue which part of the North the areas were in!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMerlin being more his old self!



I have achieved only 16,223 words so far, so probably won’t make the target required, but I shall keep trying until the last day possible!  I am really trying to get a good book from this work and hopefully I will as the story I have started is one I have wanted to do for so long!  The Title is:The Loch Torridon Murder.

I shall just have to try harder tomorrow! I won’t stop trying until I know I can’t possible achieve the 50,000 until then – I will keep writing!

I am really enjoying having a deadline, something to work towards.  I have not had to have deadlines before.

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


NaNoWriMo – The Torridon Murder

The first time I have had a “strict” deadline but I am seriously trying to keep this deadline, you can start to upload a story from the 20th November 2014, whether I will make the target figure of 50,000 words is another matter.

The important thing is at least you are having ago and seeing what you can produce in the time scale provided.  If you don’t quiet make the 50,000 – it is unfortunate but not life threatening.  You will just have to try harder next time!

Just like being back at school – with “could do better!” on the paperwork!

Good luck to everyone who is thinking of submitting a story.

Take care,have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00718 Merlin does not think I have a chance in a Million of keeping the deadline,

just wait and see Merlin!!

It is National Novel Writing time again!

I have started a lengthy Novel  – The Loch Torridon Murder.

Whether I ever get to the finish, who knows but I aim to have a jolly good try!

It is a particular story I have wanted to write for sometime and never got around to, so I am going to try and complete it, this time! Well if I don’t it, is no one’s life, is it!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard

DSC00718 Merlin can tell tales,but I do not always understand them! Then he gives me this “Look” he seems to have cultivated!

Writing Books!

Have you ever had a Murder Story and you have had all the twists and turns and finally thought the story was completed, and then you found that if you carried on a little  further you could go bring other people into the mix and go around the corner and add to the nature of the death etc.,

I sat down yesterday and thought I would add one or two “finishing bits” to my story, and when I looked again this morning, I added a bit more and I am still going around corners and finding interesting twists and turns!  I keep doing things like this, and then find if I did  XYZ I could get back to G and if I went this way I could be at  P!

Well at least I am keeping myself busy if nothing else!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00718 Merlin, making sure I know he is not best pleased!

The Church Murder

I have finally managed to publish THE CHURCH MURDER, it should show on and also Goodreads later today.

This Murder story is slightly different, although it does have Forensics in.

The Clergy are heavily involved and there appears to be rival fractions of the hierarchy who have influenced this particular murder, and not for the good of their own people!

I hope you will enjoy the story.

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00718Merlin is scowling because he thought he was being left out!