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Publication of The Middlesmoor Murders

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks, sorting out all my scribbling over many years regarding The Middlesmoor Murders.  I have finally managed to achieve some kind of order and now on the 1st September 2014 the second book I will have published will be The Middlesmoor Murders – Book One! by Millie Aveyard. The story is related to a village within The Yorkshire Dales, the villages are true the characters are fictitious as are their names, The Middlesmoor Murders Book Two will hopefully be published later this year.

The fells are there to see, together with the derelict mine building where the bodies were found!

I am now moving on to my other scribbles and who knows what I may find!

I have actually been reading a mystery book this last week by Rebecca Tope – A Dirty Death.   I really do enjoy her Books. I am now reading another murder mystery Playing with Bones by Kate Ellis, I have not found her books before, but I do hope to read more of them. Really enjoying the book.

Take care, Have a good week ahead.

Millie Aveyard – Murder on my desk.


Murder on my desk!

I published Golden Silence is Broken, and now in less than10 days time Middlesmoor Murders by Millie Aveyard will be published. I have titles for more of my stories, so I am just going to keep going and see what happens.  I should have done this years ago. Hard work at times, but also challenging – I love writing, even if some of you may think it is rubbish.                     I am writing, and that is what I should have been doing years ago, I hope to continue writing for years!

My family think I am completely mad – wait for it – “at my age” to even think about writing/publishing. WHY?  Have I missed something, what does age have to do with it.

I have lots and lots of “murders on my desk” – plots of course not real murders I do assure you!  Also I have Titles for all the stories.

So as they say – Watch this space!  More stories being published in the very near future.

Murder and Mystery at my age!

This week I have published a book, I cannot believe I have actually done the deed – Golden Silence is Broken by Millie Aveyard. I suddenly thought publish the darn thing, you have been going to for 36 years,and so I did! Not only have I published Golden Silence is Broken, I have actually finished a work in progress which has been “in progress” since 1978! The Title of the 1978 work is Middlemoor Murders by Millie Aveyard.

The question I keep asking myself is,Why have I kept them on the desk for such along time,and why have I just published them at long last, is it because my daughter is known for her books, and my husband is known for all his Science Textbooks, or have I reached the age when I “dare” to publish my books. Who knows but I really enjoyed writing them, and I also like the idea they are now out there and hope if any one reads them,they enjoy the story.

I really believe it is because I have reached an age when they say on the news in 50 years time the Uk will be….! and I think well in 50 years time I will be 117 years old so I just do not care! So Publish them now – otherwise you will leave it too late to enjoy them! Now that is a good title for a Murder Mystery Book – Too Late for Murder!

I have a Novel nearly ready for publishing, and I have been thinking of a Title – well the Title is Too Late for Murder by Millie Aveyard.

I will let you know when I publish the Yew Tree Murder by Millie Aveyard, I have only written the basic outline as yet, but at this rate who knows – no more keeping the ‘script on the desk anymore! Life gets shorter, It is going to be published as soon as it is finished! Hey, another Title for my book – Life gets shorter.

At this rate with so many Titles who knows what could happen.

Take care, and have fun.

Hope you will read my next Blog.

Watch this space. Hope to hear from you.

More later.

Millie Aveyard.