My Books which have been Published.

I thought you might like to know that I have published three Books and they can be seen

on in the Kindle Stores, they are available around the world.

The Middlesmoor Murders – Book One – is carried out for pure Greed! Twins born to the Earl and Countess of Roxberry, unfortunately the twin born 4 minutes later than the Heir to the Earldom, did not agree with the way that the older son received the Title when their father died. He therefore carried out with the help of his young wife, the murders of his Mother and Father, together with his brother and his wife and three children.  He told the story that they had all gone over to Canada and if they liked the place they may stay!

Just because he was jealous of the Title! There is alot more twists and turns, but it really boils down to pure jealousy!

Golden silence is Broken – this is the Story of working days within the University Department of Forensic Medicine. Where Murders and unusual deaths are an every day occurrence! sometimes involved with MI6. and the Mafia Gangs! plus teaching Elective Students!

The Goosey Foot Tarm Tarn Murder – Twists and Turns, Mafia Gangs both Italian and New York City. together with the late arrival of MI6! Just because they married the person they loved!

Goosey_footMM_cover_smallOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Middlesmoor Murders – Book Two – is due to be published  by the 1st week in October 2014

and the Murder at T’Mill Murder – is due to be published shortly.

There are many more murders to be had and many more stories to be told, enough to keep me going until I actually reach 100 years old (I hope!).







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