The Loch Torridon Murders

My new Novel will be available from this afternoon on Amazon, both Paperback and EBook!

I hope you will enjoy reading my book.  Prof.Hall and Millie are back, whom you will have met in Golden Silence is Broken and also The Goosey Foot Tarm Tarn Murders.

There will be more murder mystery with Professor Hall and Millie very soon!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00718Please, not another one!

The Murder in Church

There will be a Book promotion for the above Book on the 8th and 9th November 2014.

The book will be offered Free on the site on the 8th and 9th of November 2014.

I hope you enjoy reading my book; I really enjoyed writing it!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


Merlin does not agree!

The World seems to have gone Mad!

I am not pleased in the way that some “people” have taken my name Millie Aveyard and put various items on the Web in my name.  Nail Polish, Books, you name it!  Even photos of Merlin!

My books are all available via Amazon.Co.UK and yet today a Book Company in Canada claim to sell my books, no one asked me! I have never heard of this particular company. I am happy that my books are available via Amazon.Co.UK.  The Book company in Canada even shows my Book Covers!

Why do they do this, it is a form of persecution, and should be stopped at once!

Take care,have fun.

Millie Aveyard.