The Loch Torridon Murder

I have managed a total of 24,210 words so far. I am really pleased I have got so far.  I shall try and keep going to the end of November and see if I can achieve the full 50,000 but at the moment I do not think the story will get there! Who knows a few weeks to go yet.

I am looking for a good end to this murder as it is a complicated Government Murder! One I have been wanting to write for some time.

Thinking of stories for the future, have you noticed that when members of the Government start talking about this Country, they never seem to have any idea where Yorkshire or Tyneside or Lancashire are.  They obviously have been told it is up North, but have no idea what is going on in these regions,nor even where abouts “up north” they actually are!

I saw an article in the paper over the weekend, and which ever MP had written the report should go back to school to learn how to read a Map! He had not got a clue which part of the North the areas were in!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMerlin being more his old self!


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