Writing Books!

Have you ever had a Murder Story and you have had all the twists and turns and finally thought the story was completed, and then you found that if you carried on a little  further you could go bring other people into the mix and go around the corner and add to the nature of the death etc.,

I sat down yesterday and thought I would add one or two “finishing bits” to my story, and when I looked again this morning, I added a bit more and I am still going around corners and finding interesting twists and turns!  I keep doing things like this, and then find if I did  XYZ I could get back to G and if I went this way I could be at  P!

Well at least I am keeping myself busy if nothing else!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00718 Merlin, making sure I know he is not best pleased!


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