A snippet from Murder at T’Mill

I thought you might be interested in a snippet of the above book.

“Reynolds has infiltrated this Police Force, and given very large back-handers in cash to your Men! What do you know about that Chief Constable? Me, nothing at all.

Well sit down, and listen very carefully. Reynolds has been in complete charge of the Mafia Gangs for more than 20 years. He has been in charge of the whole operations, supplying Drugs to those who wanted them and the price for his Drugs is high!

When he was promoted to Chief Inspector, he was also in charge of the Europe and UK Operations for the Mafia and three months ago accepted the leadership of the New York Mafia as well!

Now I would like to know why he came to this particular Area, in fact to this particular area with a well known Mill. The Mill is known for the welfare of the workers, the cleanliness, and the Wages, both weekly and monthly! What is not widely known is that the Mill is part of a combine of seven mills all owned by one Family! The company name is Extract Wool Ltd!

Do you have anything you wish to say to me Chief Constable, you can speak openly in front of Joe!  Yes, you know don’t you that I am being blackmailed by Insp.Reynolds.  Yes, I know that, but not 100% sure why; that is easy, it is because my son bought a packet of Drugs to try, that is why! When I found out I dealt with it and packed him off to Joe’s old school.

I was told by Reynolds that it was settled, and everything was off limit! “

Hope you like this Snippet!

Take care,have fun

Millie Aveyard.


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