A beautiful City in Yorkshire!

We popped into York this morning, parked close to the Minster, and when you look at the Minster it never fails to give you a warm feeling all over!  Does not matter whether it is misty or raining or brilliant sunshine – the feeling is always there! It really is a very special building. When we have friends over from Sri Lanka, they always wish to visit the Minster! The number of photographs they have taken with them standing on the steps!  My God-Daughter was actually christened there along while ago!

While we were walking around there, I thought what a wonderful place for a story, York with the Shambles and many little street shooting off in all directions, and the lovely old buildings – what a wonderful story York could tell with a murder or two! I have just put that on my desk and will wait and see!

Merlin felt left out this morning, as we left early, so he is shown below as usual, but enjoying himself in his own little garden!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


Millie Aveyard’s Blog can be seen at murders123.wordpress.com


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