I really dislike intruding websites!

Why do “certain” websites try and intrude into your private life, by continually trying to get you to divulge who your personal friends are, or who you went to school with, or even what your favourite drink is!

I refuse to answer any of those questions, as I cannot see it will have any impact whatsoever as to how many Books that would sell! The next thing they will think of is, how many “Treats” I give my Cat Merlin!

If the Title of my Book and the story line within the Book is not good enough to encourage people to purchase my Story.  I really do not think that what Shampoo I use or what colour my soap powder is etc., and what they call my husband, or the name of my daughter and what my grandparents were called etc, is totally relevant to my being an author of Murder & Mystery Stories.  Although on second thoughts perhaps I could try and concoct a murder story regarding this hassle I seem to attract from certain quarters at the moment!

I am me! Millie Aveyard – and I decided to write my stories and one day be an Author, no member of my family or friends are involved in this at all, and would hate to be in the public eye regarding what I have been doing!  Ian Rankin -had a Pen Name. J A Rowling had one, and I have one and that is the way it is going to be!

My hair is turning from red to white rapidly but my “red hair” temper is coming to the boil.  I shall have to take another murder off the desk! That will cool everything down and give me something to do!

Sorry for this rant, but what my “job” is cannot possibly involve any of my family nor friends.  If I was a lecturer at a University or a Nurse in the Hospital – they would not try and find out who my friends were nor anything about children.

As long as you do your work whatever that work may be, then what difference does knowing the name of your family members or the names of your friends make to the outcome!

The truth is – they are just being nosey!

I rest my case!

Take care, have fun!

Millie Aveyard.

DSC00999 Merlin shot for cover!


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