Books – I love to read books!

IS IT ME? – I am beginning to think there is something wrong with some people, they do not have any Books in their homes!

I visited a friend’s house recently, and I was amazed to find they had no Books around, not one, nor newspapers!  I casually mentioned the fact that I could not see any books,  She very quickly said, She stopped having books around years ago. I hated reading at school and I made a decision when I had children of my own I would never have a book in the house, so they would not feel pressured to read! All I will say is that she certainly lived in a home with books when she was young!

Driving home, I kept thinking about this, without books in our home, we would feel “poor”! a lot of our books are old, I have a lot of my Daddy’s Books – including Electrical Engineering Books and Cars, yes I know I do not read them, I keep them because they belonged to my Daddy.

We have been left books in Uncle’s Will, we had to hire a Van to bring them home – from Scotland, the number was too large to go in our Estate Car! That gives you a good idea of how many there were.  I digress!

We have a very wide variety of books to cover our family interests, we have the Text Books for my husband’s University Career, and then the Text Books he has published. We have Murder & Mystery Books (not mine!) and Horsey Books, lots of Animal books.  Farming Books and hundreds of Gardening Books – some of which belonged to my Grandpa, still very useful today!

A Home without Books – NEVER!  I know that our thousands of books at home is not “normal” for a lot of people, but just a few books would give them comfort!

Our Daughter is just the same, you never see her without a book in her hand or at least on the nearest table! She tells people that she has a “special library” she goes to visit – it is called “Daddy’s Library”!

Some people are very “snobby”  with books, but books are books, they don’t have to cost a lot nor be “high brow”!  Just choose the book which is right for you, and start reading, you can loose yourself in the lovely streets of Austria or imagine you are walking in the Highlands of Scotland, whatever, Books are to be enjoyed – always!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


Even Sir Merlin agrees!


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