The Torridon Murder in the wild Scottish Highlands – in 1963!

Another Murder is slowly falling off my desk!

The Mountains dominate the Inner Loch Torridon, the most spectacular of which lie in the Kinlochewe district.  Ullapool slightly to the North, with visits from the Klondykers who came to fish for Herrings,and Russian Ships who came fishing for Mackeral,which they then processed on board! and to the west are Little Loch Broom and Gruinard Bay!

A very beautiful part of the Highlands with single track roads, and a few passing-places with wonderful scenery along the way, but it is also a very lonely area in that you can drive for hours and never see another human being – either walking or driving. You must carry extra supplies both for yourself and for the vehicle in which you are travelling in.

No Shops nor Petrol Pumps!

Miles from anywhere except for the little crofts with cottages on the land.

Those were the days, my school holidays were always spent in this area, Daddy and I loved every square inch of Scotland but especially this area.  Mummy was always worried because we might fall in the Lochs! or we might fall whilst walking on the hills! Our Labradors really loved this area, they also loved coming up to Torridon as did our Black Cat called Ginger. His litter tray was kept in the back of our Estate Car just in case he needed it – as they do! and he used to sit with our Labs on the back seat.  He would sit for hours just looking out of the side windows! He really did like to travel with us.

You could not carry animals these days in the back of an Estate Car without leads and seatbelts.  Back in the 1960’s they were not available! We just opened the Tailgate and Ginger would jump in the same as all our Labradors.  I presume that these days you would not be allowed to carry animals like that, but way back in the 1960’s you just did!!

Lovely memories of School Holidays with something special to take back to school – finding a Murder been carried out by whom?

all revealed in The Torridon Murder in the Wilds of the Highlands!

Take care,,have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sir Merlin thinking about all the freedom that Ginger (our Black Cat) had in the

Highlands of Scotland.  Those were the days!

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