The worry of Authors

I really thought even though there was a “Free Offer” on the books, that no one would take a copy; little did I think that so many would go! A total number of 123 books are out as of today, that is between the 3 Books, so what the mix was I have no idea. The Offer finished at midnight yesterday.

I have my fingers crossed that they will remember the author’s name when they are thinking of Murder Stories/Mystery Stories in the future. I have certainly had fun scribbling away, just as long as that can continue, I will be happy!

I have just finished reading another Carola Dunn story – Valley of the Shadow.  I love her Books especially Daisy Dalrymple series.I liked A Mourning Wedding, I read that before I started Valley of the Shadow. Same author but totally different style!

I also like very much the books by Frances Brody – probably because she lives in the West Riding where I was born, or to be correct I should say now “in West Yorkshire”  which is daft really as they are Ridings! North Riding,West Riding and East Riding, although these days one should say West Yorkshire,North Yorkshire,South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, well I am sorry but I will continue to say Ridings, I hate being “Politically Correct!”

I especially like Dying in the Wool,they remind me of our Combine of Woollen Mills in the West Riding, all of the Frances Brody books are really very good.You can read them over and over again and never become board with them! A Medal for Murder reminds me of going to the Harrogate Theatre near to Christmas, we never went at any other times,but just before Christmas – don’t ask why because I really never found out!

Take care,have fun

Millie Aveyard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASir Merlin back in charge once more, until he has a sulk!


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