Books on Promotion

I cannot believe how many people have taken the chance of having a free book from me, 66 free books have been given out, which is wonderful as hopefully they will remember my name and look for my other books.

I have actually had sales of the books before hand, but thought a promotion would be a good thing to have, therefore I put it to the test and it worked!

I am really pleased, just hope they keep looking for my books!

It really has been a busy week, I have actually been Blogging (if that it the right word) and have published Book one of Murder at T’Mill, which is on promotion at a countdown price or something like that!

Anyway I am thrilled with it all. I just feel I should have done this years ago!

Take Care,have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASir Merlin is back on duty (until he sulks again!). He does not approve of Book promotions – but I have read him the riot act as they say  Up North!


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