Never stop “Trying”

I have just been reading “the papers” as you do with a good cup of Lemon Tea on a Saturday afternoon! Someone has just made me cross, they are moaning about their life and saying they have not done XYZ! because they are scared of failure.  If you don’t try anything you will always be a failure! One should always have a go, if they can!

I was 4 years old riding a pony, and I asked what if I fall, Daddy said well if you fall, you get up stroke the Pony and tell him you are sorry you did that, and get back up.  The first time you never get back on to your pony after falling, you will find it harder to mount ever again. Your Pony days will be finished. If you fall get back on, even if you jump off in five minuets, you have actually made the effort to remount!

That is true with everything else in life.  If you don’t try and write your story, you will never have one to publish! If you don’t try and read that Book you have promised yourself you will finish, otherwise you will never know the ending.

Everyone should be encouraged to try it – whatever their “it” is!  If you never try “it” you will never know whether you are any good at “it” or not.  You will be forever wondering if you could have done this or that.

If you actually try “your whatever” you will know for certain! Whether it is painting in Oils or Water Colours, writing a book, writing music for the guitar or Piano. Whatever you are wanting to try, if it is gardening in the Greenhouse,trying different seeds;  as long as it does not hurt anyone including yourself; then have a go – if after trying “it”, you feel “it” is not for you, at least you can say you gave “it” a try! Go on start writing that Book that has been inside you for years.  Even if you stop writing because you don’t think you like “it”, at least you gave “it” a try and don’t need to say what if I had tried “whatever” at least you will have had ago!  That is the main thing.  Always have a go if you can – as otherwise you will always be saying what if!!!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


Merlin loves to try and catch Birds, he prowls along the lawn and never even gets anywhere near them! I suppose it just gives him something to do.

He does the same with Butterflies but unfortunately he sometimes manages to eat them, which I think is awful!

He never thinks what if I don’t catch “IT” – he is just a trier!!!


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