Why do people shy away from Death or talking about Death?

I have just had an email from a member of my family, who wanted to know why I wrote murder stories. Could I not write stories about Labradors or Horses, since I have had a lot of both! He thought writing murder stories was being morbid!Also when you get to a certain age it is very depressing! Considering he has never read a Murder Story book, how can he pass judgement!

The answer I gave him, will not appear here! but I will give you a brief summary.

If you go down the way he is thinking, then I should be writing about Murders, as I worked in a University Department of Forensic Medicine, and murders were crossing my path on a daily basis, together with suspicious deaths – which also make a good story! You cannot allow the cases to become a burden, you must have a life outside of the work.

I have been retired for a number of years now, and it is only now that I can look at my stories I was writing when I was much younger, and which I have published three of on Amazon.  No they are nothing like any cases I have ever met, nor should they be.

I would like to confirm that the stories I write are pure fiction! I shall never forget that cases, I came across were someone’s loved ones.  The people I write about are totally made up on my pad! complete fiction! Lots of people enjoy a “good” murder story, the more “juicey” for some the better!

I rest my case – I shall carry on writing total fiction! Whether my “Big” Cousin thinks I should or not! You can see what Sir Merlin thinks about it, he has turned his back completely.

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


Sir Merlin does not agree with my Cousin, and nor do I!


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