A snippet of The Goosey Foot Tarm Murder Book

“This whole mess will never be cleaned up and washed away, simply due to too many people have taken the monies which have been offered to them by the Mafia as “hush” money, and once you take their monies, they have you by the “short and curlies”, you are then completely in their power! Of course there is one way out for you – you are only in their power until you DIE!

There is no going back, They are very very dangerous. They think nothing of killing members of their own family as we have seen over the last two years. Even more recently as a couple of weeks ago! Where the murder was carried out by their own cousin!

The Mafia Set are completely ruthless as are MI6; as some people from within MI6 have taken large retainer fees from the Mafia Gangs for along time now, and it will continue! MI6 is just operating like a Private Club in London!

What you should do when you are down in the Government Department, is try and get a feel for the Chap who appears to be the one that came into our Department and asked you to go on the Committee. Start there with just a general conversation, don’t go in though like a bull in a china. You should try and find out things from a general conversation on the phone. For goodness sake don’t go in like I do with both left feet! Also watch your back – if all the Department are involved then back off and come out of the conversation, say you are being called out to a case, and more importantly never attend a meeting down there again! That is most important. Otherwise they could try and have you entrenched up in all this dirty mess! You know you would be clean and we all would, but how do you prove or disprove a negative – you know the answer to that more than anyone I know! The answer is NEVER!”

Hope this snippet makes you want to read more!

Take care, have fun.

Millie Aveyard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASir Merlin, once again has turned his back on MI6!


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  1. […] A snippet of The Goosey Foot Tarm Murder Book. […]


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