When is an Author not an Author!

I always thought Authors were Authors!  Now I have just been told I am called an Indie Author, because I self-published! Is that good or bad or does it not count at all!

However way your books are out in the wide world of published Books, does the Public really care whether it is on the shelves because a large Publishing House put it there, or it is on Amazon or other self-publishing sites, because you have actually put it there yourself!

I would have thought that if they liked the “plot outline” then they would like to have the book, irrespective of the fact that the Author actually published it themselves! whether it be a large publishing organization or one person shouting at the computer trying to get the self-publishing programme to work, does not make the contents of the Book any better only the Author could do that!

There most be a snobbish element to the fact that if your book goes “public” via a Publishing House then you are a genuine Author, if you are an Author who goes down the self-publishing route then you are an Indie Author!

Merely a “snOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAobbish” play-on-words, and Sir Merlin agrees, as you can see he has turned his back!

I rest my case!

Take care,Have fun.

Millie Aveyard.


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