Murders planned on my desk!

I have decided to have a Blog, so I can chat about my not quite finished articles together with the various not quite finished Books! I have published three books on – ebooks.

Golden Silence is Broken, The Middlesmoor Murders Book One, and The Goosey Foot Tarm Tarn Murder. – all on Kindle Store.

I love Books, since I was a child I have been used to living in a house that had one room dedicated to Books, these days our home is “littered” with books in every room – yes even in those rooms! I am now in my 68th year and determined to enjoy myself scribbling away.  Well you can’t just sit in a chair and wait! Can you?

Well you can I suppose but I think you should enjoy yourself with the time that is left for you.  I would love to be still doing this when I am 95years plus!  I have told my GP I would like to live until I am 100 years old, she promised she would have ago but could not promises 100% – well at least she will have a go!

Just like I am going to have a go at more Book Publishing!

New Books, Second-Hand Books, ebooks, just as long as we never stop buying books – I want to go on buying books and publishing them right up to the day I die! My daughter thinks I am completely gaga, but she publishes Books, so why can’t I?

No reason, I shall publish more books and very soon, whether any one will actually buy a copy – well that is a completely different matter. All our rooms have book cases full of books! I have to say that my husband and I have read them all,  our Daughter calls our shelves Daddy’s Library as she ‘phones and says next time you come over will you bring me xyzBook please.

I do have three more books to publish but have been waiting to do that, but not sure why I am waiting,so this week at some point I will publish another Book with the help of Sir Merlin Take care

Millie Aveyard



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