Bought a Mill!

Today I have “bought” a new Knitting Factory purchased it down in Leicester!  Also it will now be controlled from our Combine so the total number of Mills in the Combine as now reached a total of Eight Textile Mills.   This is to continue with Trouble At T’Mill story!  All Merlin’s Idea – he thought an even number was better!    So eight Mills we have!

This morning started out very quiet but the day got better as it progressed! Today after 50 years we finally met up with some of our relations from Canada.  It was lovely to talk with our family and look back to when we were young!  As we sat there all talking away, the question asked was “why have we all waited such along time to meet up again”. Yes we have used emails, telephones and letters. We have blamed working, illness, also sorts of excuses, but you know Nothing is


better than actually speaking to them face to face!  Unfortunately Merlin thinks he can turn his back and get away with Murder!!!

Take care, Have Fun!

Millie Aveyard


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