Good Job its not a Friday today – BUT it is the 13th!!!!!

It is a good job I don’t worry at all about it being a 13th, BUT I still do not like FRIDAY’s being on the 13th of the Month! Black Cats are Lucky or so they say. Good thing I have Merlin as my friend and Mascot. Just in case!!

Yesterday I was taken to task by a close family member who thought I should stop what I was doing, and leave it to the young ones to have blogs etc., and don’t even thing about publishing anything.  The problem is that by telling me I am no good and to stop writing just encourages me to do more! Is that just being “B” minded or just too old to change!

Merlin and I enjoy your company, so please keeping calling, you are very welcome.

Take care, Have fun.

Millie Aveyard.




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