The Middlesmoor Murders – Book Two

Look out for Murder & Mystery

Such a long time has gone past since I first started scribbling about Middlesmoor.  I have just been looking at the pages of scribbles which will become, in time, Book Two of The Middlesmoor Murders.   I never thought at the start of the Scribbles that I would be still be “scribbling” in 2014.   So beware there is much more to come! You might not read it now but hopefully someone somewhere may enjoy it in years to come!

Today the sun is out and the garden looks lovely, and I feel today will be a good day.  Actually the garden is no different from yesterday, but I feel as if I am on holiday sat in the garden with Merlin. Yesterday was an awful day, very misty early in the day and made you want to stay inside!  Very low cloud all day!

It is strange but the English always…

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