One of the “Murders on my Desk” has been started as a possible new Book !

It has been lovely and warm today with plenty of sunshine.  I have sat at one of the tables in the garden and scribbled away at the beginning of a new story, with my Black Cat Merlin sat at the side of me. Merlin was not keeping me company, he was trying to catch Butterflies!

The Title of the new story is The Goosey Foot Tarn Murder.  Now I have started to look at the scribbles I have done over the years, the more I want to do more, and have them published!  I have just had a friend of mine on the ‘phone and when I told her what I had been doing, she said at our age you don’t want to start doing anything like! 

First of all what as Age got to do with writing a Book? I suppose really the thing that matters is that you can spell, and you can always do a “Spelling Check” (or should I say Cheque???),  Betty Neele was 70 years plus before she started her Romance Stories. What is it about age – everyone always mentions age these days. 

If anyone mentions my age again I WILL SCREAM – then they will say I am acting like a child.  You just cannot win! So I will just be myself.  Old in years, but young mentally.  That must be good!

Take care,

Millie Aveyard





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