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In my younger days I worked within a University Medical Department and I must have contracted a Bug, since I have been retired I have started to write.  The “Bug” must have been contagious as my husband started writing his Books many years ago, and our daughter now writes.  In fact she is reading at a Literary Festival this coming month.

Why have I started to publish, well after waiting for so many years to actually publish anything, I have suddenly realized that the years are racing ahead, I don’t believe that Age should stop you doing anything, although sometimes you have to be creative to actually even sit down in a chair, actually it is not sitting down that is a problem it is getting out of the chair, without help from my husband, I would be sat there all day!

Have you noticed if you visit the Doctor’s surgery, or have to wait in reception at a Hospital, they have “normal” chairs only.

They never have “high” chairs for people with Hip problems, walking problems, and very few wheelchairs available for you to use.   I do talk a lot I know but this is one of the things that does “Bug” me the fact that when you become classified as “Disabled” some people who you meet along the way, talk to the person with you and not direct to you.  for instance “Does she take sugar” THE ANSWER IS it is my hips that are addled not my Brain! 

After my  moan of the day, I do hope you will read my Blog again!

My next book The Goosey Foot Tarn Murder by Millie Aveyard is due out SOON!

Take care.

Millie Aveyard


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