Publication of The Middlesmoor Murders

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks, sorting out all my scribbling over many years regarding The Middlesmoor Murders.  I have finally managed to achieve some kind of order and now on the 1st September 2014 the second book I will have published will be The Middlesmoor Murders – Book One! by Millie Aveyard. The story is related to a village within The Yorkshire Dales, the villages are true the characters are fictitious as are their names, The Middlesmoor Murders Book Two will hopefully be published later this year.

The fells are there to see, together with the derelict mine building where the bodies were found!

I am now moving on to my other scribbles and who knows what I may find!

I have actually been reading a mystery book this last week by Rebecca Tope – A Dirty Death.   I really do enjoy her Books. I am now reading another murder mystery Playing with Bones by Kate Ellis, I have not found her books before, but I do hope to read more of them. Really enjoying the book.

Take care, Have a good week ahead.

Millie Aveyard – Murder on my desk.



2 comments on “Publication of The Middlesmoor Murders

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  2. […] Publication of The Middlesmoor Murders. […]


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