Murder on my desk!

I published Golden Silence is Broken, and now in less than10 days time Middlesmoor Murders by Millie Aveyard will be published. I have titles for more of my stories, so I am just going to keep going and see what happens.  I should have done this years ago. Hard work at times, but also challenging – I love writing, even if some of you may think it is rubbish.                     I am writing, and that is what I should have been doing years ago, I hope to continue writing for years!

My family think I am completely mad – wait for it – “at my age” to even think about writing/publishing. WHY?  Have I missed something, what does age have to do with it.

I have lots and lots of “murders on my desk” – plots of course not real murders I do assure you!  Also I have Titles for all the stories.

So as they say – Watch this space!  More stories being published in the very near future.


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